September 14, 2019 | Author: Mircea Popescu

There's been some mommentuous evolution this morning, spurred as such often is by lateral discussion of misdeeds :

mircea_popescu: unrelatedly : hey trinque, now that there's actually multiple functional castles the time's prolly come to update the deedbot voice model into awareness of this situation. so how about a patch making voice in #trilema dependent on ~my~ wot, rather than deedbot's own ; and similarily in any castles that ask for it / you come to an understanding with the lords thereof, so they can use the voice model there if they wanna.
mircea_popescu: this way the ad-interim imaginaria of a bot's wot can be put back on the shelf where it belongs.

Neat, huh! It's the way of the future.

This draft leaves two major questions open : one being the signalling of lordship to the botsi ; the other being the licensing of castles.

Currently castlehood's a nebulous concept not specifically defined anywhere, merely flowing from curated practice ; but if one's to decouple voicing in #trilema from castle owning, obviously any and allcomers could in principle make their own abominatiou wherein to monkey after the fashion of children the comings and goings of the adults they naturally (if disavowedly) worship. The two may co-exist, but passing one for the other'd be at best harmful and in any case fraudulent, so some mechanism to distinguish legitimate castles from monkey castle's required.

At which juncture... why not make use of the deed system ? Produce a nice standard form, and grant people worthy of running their own castle a deed, something they can frame and put up on the wall, why not!

At which juncture formal considerations take hold, such as... well ? What language should this grant be spelled out in ? Obviously not english, right ? Absolutely not Romanian, either... well I guess that leaves

Ego, mircea_popescu, per accidens et pro tempore custodem de rebus hoc ultima Respublica,

Omnibus quo competit, sciant per hoc brevis et factum

Quod ego, considerans dedicatione ostensum necessitatibus Statu, et sui abnegationem quod ostendens, et dignus fidelium servitium fiat idem per eius Dominium <> Dominus <> in congruis tempus locusque ;

Et volens excitare ardor in futuro, aut saltem non possit in via tale ;

Concedo hoc titulo ad castrum <>, usque rescissus, cum eius reditus et eius bona, cum omnibus eius pertinentibus ut sint constructum sursum per dominum, sine reliquum vel cauda.

Datum in #trilema anno 11 et post Rempublicam quinto.

It's a draft ; let the half dozen or so currently running one, and the half dozen or so perhaps considering getting themselves one comment ; and let the whole rest of the world keep quiet, because quite plainly nobody asked it anything.

What say you, then ?

  1. Though on this score I'm actually growing to like diana_coman's proposal as refined, to simply admit into system what was long tacit practice -- namely that the ten integer values of the ratings actually have human names, with 10 standing for bodily expiration and (hereby) 9 standing for ennoblement. []
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